L LIZET office de tourisme grand auch coeur de gascogne

1. Auch, Capital of Gascony

The ancient Gallo-Roman city "Augusta Auscorum" has known a lot of great invasion as the Vascons' one in the 6th Century, which gave it's name to the Roman province Vasconie (Wasconia) before being named Gascogne as "W" was pronounced "G" in Ancient French.

In the 13th Century, it is the Etigny's intendant who gave to Auch it's modern aspect as we know it today.

Some sections of the Historic centre can witness of what the city was looking like in medievals times.

Auch, City of Gascony, City of Circus, City of Nature, unveils itself to the visitors through it's major patrimony as the Cathedral and the "Monumental Stairs" guarded by the d'Artagnan's Statue on it's top.

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