Escape Game Auch

The escape game, a new concept of life-sized escape and entertainment, will develop your team spirit and deduction.

Locked in a room with your teammates, you have 60 minutes to solve a series of puzzles, riddles and mysteries. Become profilers, journalists, chemists or even fugitives for an hour in rooms with immersive sets.

The investigator in you will have to be up to the task ...

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Room 13: Macabre lair

The Domaine de Baulieu faces a serie of the most disturbing abductions. You are private detectives and your investigations led you to the doors of the dismal room number 13 where you are about to enter.

Getting too close to the truth, you are knocked out and kidnapped.

You wake up in the gruesome hideout of your captor where you will have 60 minutes to escape.


The Black room : The Missing

Kidnapped years ago when you were children, your only landmark is the strange room of your abductor.

Sadistic and playful, he celebrates the anniversary of your capture by leaving you alone and takes advantage of this "free time" to hunt his new prey.

In an hour he will be back and will get rid of one of you for the benefit of his young victim.

It's up to you to take advantage of his absence to escape and save your skin from this hotel room where he has taken up residence.

Fail ... And you're all lost.


Oklahoma Smith and the Taktokan Medallion

Oklahoma Smith, great Gers adventurer, is dead. To pay tribute to him, his grandson is organizing an exhibition retracing his greatest quest: the search for the Taktokan medallion. Source of many desires, it was hidden by Smith. It was without knowing that a terrible curse affected the exotic object. If within an hour he has not found his place, a terrible evil will spread across the world. It will be, unfortunately for them, up to the guests to find the object...

From 9 to 30 players!

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